Keys To Unlocking Your Higher Self


Allow me to start this post with a simple thought exercise: read the following list of questions aloud and after each one, take a couple seconds to “feel” which way you’re being pulled.

  1. Do you yearn for a higher sense of self (of who you truly are)?
  2. Do you want a stronger connection with a something or someone with a greater understanding of the world we live in?
  3. Are you at a point in your life where you want a change – something, everything to be different?
  4. Do you want to understand what your heart is trying to tell you?
  5. Do you aspire to increase your circle of knowledge beyond what you learned in school?

a9bd333852a6458d9742e8542e9f2a56-ashx_If you’ve answered “Yes” or felt a strong inclination to find out the answer to any one of the questions above, rest assured that you are not the only one seeking something greater then what you encounter in your every day life. These questions that at first may appear simple or mundane, are in fact, some of the deepest tugs that each of us experience in an unexplainable way at some point in our lives. They are some of the fundamental questions we struggle with throughout the various stages of being humans. In the end, some people are lucky to find that “helping hand”, that friend, mentor or teacher that puts them on the path of discovery, learning and growing at their own pace. However, for the majority of us, we are so distracted by habitual thinking and weighed by life’s other million needs and requests that we neglect to carve out any time to focus on these questions and we end up unfulfilled and unfinished.

If you are still reading up to this point, I congratulate you for your inquisitive nature and for your unsatisfied thirst for knowledge and would like to introduce you to a very dear friend of mine: Nannette V Hucknall has devoted her life to finding a path that gives those who seek answers the tools to grasp it all in the form of one easy to absorb philosophy known as Higher Self Yoga.

Higher Self Yoga attempts to bridge the gap between the mundane and spiritual life that so often seems at odds with each other. Nanette provides a tested step by step process to get in touch and enhance self-awareness, to tap into your inner wisdom, to learn how to listen to your heart and to finally be able to not only recognize and tell the difference between knowledge and wisdom, but to live in that intimate space between the two.

Nanette V. Hucknall with Merlin

Having known her for decades, I have been fortunate to watch her shape, build and reinforce that philosophy through several books that she wrote over many Winters vacationing in Florida. I have watched it all develop and reach a digital milestone with the recent launch of her official website at I was amazed when she picked the same development team who shaped this blog (Eclectic Commons) over a decade, to give form to her digital brand. I have silently rejoiced while watching the stubborn computer engineers who worked on our sites, suddenly start to display signs of a spiritual essence at the root of their technical prowesses. Through years of meditation, travels, learning, sharing and always making herself available, Nanette’s Higher Self Yoga singularly hones on a different, yet familiar approach to getting in touch with and opening your heart.

Nanette’s interpretation and guidance on how to be compassionate, how to recognize the god within each one of us, how to overcome the debilitating pull of emotions, how to make discriminating choices, how to transform loneliness into strength, how to discipline yourself, how to recognize and open yourself up to true leadership, how to really know who you are; these are just some of the life achievements that you come away with after spending time with Nanette in person or through one of her many books on these subjects. In fact, with each book, she gives everyone a list of steps on a path we can all follow.

If you are searching for your own truth, who you really are, and how you relate to the bigger cosmic picture, do yourself a favor and at the very least, find out about Higher Self Yoga.


Nanette will be releasing her 6th book on October 20th, 2016, entitled “How To Live From Your Heart – Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity and Discover Inner Wisdom”. You can pre-order a copy directly from her website’s digital shop or from your favorite book distributor.