Attaining Inner Peace


There are many ways to achieve inner peace, a state of being as varied and diverse as the individuals who claim to have experienced it. A common definition of inner peace is the absence of conflict, which sounds ideal at first, but on further consideration it becomes clear that this is a linear notion since it doesn’t quite fit the scope or impact that the absence of conflict would have on daily life. Without some kind of strife – one’s personal crucible – there would be no growth since insight can only come from the tension created when one deals with internal and external struggles and what is learned from these experiences. Resolving moral conflicts and ethical dilemmas are the mechanics of finding inner peace, but at its heart lies self confidence, the path that takes one closer to selflessness.

Self confidence is the trust in oneself to have the skills to deal with anything one is not prepared for. It is also knowing that all the scenarios one has repeatedly contemplated to deal with the unknown can never fully identify its impact until said conflict appears. Perceiving it as a challenge rather than a threat – a difficult attitude to sustain – makes it possible to build up self confidence that draws from a reservoir of experiences, having already faced the unknowable, that either affirms judgement or, in some, reinforces self doubt. It’s all about perception. How can you have inner peace without self confidence?

We all face struggles. Some are as simple as choices that need to be made while others are more complex and interconnected, perhaps with repercussions that lead to major changes in one’s life. Some can also appear out of nowhere even if they can’t be sensed. Unfortunately, they may also border on one of the numerous blind spots we already have. So it’s important to identify those places in our personality that render the truth invisible, objectify them as much as possible, then one can decide whether this is how they wish to be perceived or not. This leads to change and sets one further along the journey towards attaining inner peace.