The Zen Of Be-ness



There are many who think that what they see is solely a reflection of the five senses, confident that it’s the most reliable information of what exists. Often, the routine of daily life can be an obscuring distraction to many who forget how much being focused on one’s surroundings can reveal about the more subtle elements of life.

When one is disciplined enough to filter out the static and see more than is normally perceived by the five senses by going beyond the limits of speculation which is merely a projection of trends based on what we already know, then it is possible to see more. On the other hand, prognostication suggests a specific outcome from a metaphysical perspective which is as mysterious as it sounds. That’s the rub, a reference to all that lies beyond the veil, unless one is consumed by curiosity and imagination to be open enough for the unusual insight to occur that allows a more inclusive perspective to emerge.

Children perceive things differently than adults. Everything seems to go on forever, never ending, often interrupted by exciting surprises that imprint upon memory, a zen approach, simple in nature. Hopefully, somewhere along the path towards mastery of one’s physical and mental coordination an awareness of  patterns develops and anticipation ensues that helps the child define his or her place within its scope. Some lose the lesson of understanding the meaning of patterns as they mature into adulthood, allowing them to become magnets for habitual thinking, a blind spot and a difficult process to break.

Some have no impulse to explore anything that extends beyond the five senses since they don’t believe that there is anything else. They are quite content to view life in this way, since most have little imagination or patience for the cosmic and have no drive to even entertain the idea that other realities might exist or how they may relate to their current lives. However they are not beyond an insight or a revelation from time to time and if and when one does happen they are the first to change their mind and entertain the notion that there may in fact be other realities that they know nothing about but nevertheless exists.

One could argue that since there is so much we don’t know it’s inconceivable to rule out the existence of other perceptions then the five normally identified (hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste), just as much as it is to deny that there is always more knowledge to learn. All one needs is imagination generated by curiosity to keep an open mind and confidence that it’s not necessary to know everything, just what one needs at the moment to deal with their circumstances and state of mind.

Waiting and seeing what develops is viewed as a passive way of engaging the future and yet on the other hand, a zen approach requires conscious surrender which is not passive but inevitable. It’s never easy to surrender because it’s associated with giving up and more often than not seen as weakness. What it really means is accepting the inevitable when one has the clarity to see it as their truth. Fear will disappear as serenity becomes the overwhelming experience when one is ready to succumb to its embrace.