Passing Through The Doorway: An archetype For Transformation

Passing Through The Doorway

A doorway, for most of us, is a symbol that represents  the passage from one state to another. Some believe it to be the aperture between the subjective and the cosmic realms; others – like Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone – use it to represent an entrance to an alternate dimension. In these instances, nowhere is it suggested that a corporeal body is involved or even needed.

It is generally believed that to travel from one dimension to another, our physical body and individual consciousness must go along for the journey and this has led to a fertile ground for science fiction writers and string theorists. The only exception is when referring to death and the eternal question of what really happens,  or where do we go? Taking our individuality with us for the voyage beyond has shaped philosophy, psychology, religion and science since we first looked up at the sky and wondered about the stars that became the map for our imagination and the poetry of our soul.

Religion has painted broad strokes about this transition, suggesting that we fully remember who we are and,  depending on faith, moral convictions, ethics and selflessness, we are guaranteed an eternal place in Heaven and reunite with those special people in our lives who have gone before us. Any alternative would be too painful to bear for most, since it would remind us how little we actually do know about the afterlife and leave us, once again, with the fear of the unknown. In this regard, religion provides a motivation to evolve, embrace compassion and hopefully redemption. However, this all makes sense only if we accept the centuries-old teachings and rituals we’ve been taught since childhood.

Most religions provide their followers with recognizable and acceptable ideals to strive for even though it requires a leap of faith to embrace the possibility that our self-awareness will continue in perpetuity. Otherwise, we would be left facing an existence without meaning, overwhelmed by hopelessness, devoid of any reason to seek a higher sense of self while compounded by the lack of acceptance of a greater cosmic scheme that we know exists yet remains incompatible with a reality that keeps us in the dark as to where we fit within its expanse.

The alternative is to view Cosmos as accessible to each one of us, as a worthy achievement to a life spent exploring ways to connect with it and each other, as a noble quest for humanity with respect to our place within the vastness of the universe.

Fundamentally, we are all spiritual people. It is the myriad ways we choose to express this spirituality, shaped by whatever doctrine we were brought up to believe, that gives rise to conflict and confusion.  Unless we are able to achieve an individual ability to link with the cosmic, our understanding of what awaits us will be shaped by our limited expectations and biases of a mundane human life.  The mystery of the next stage of existence often renders us incapable of imagining the limitless ways we could reach out and touch the true finger of God.

We should know by now that spirituality is not synonymous to “being religious”. Spirituality demands that we accept responsibility to search and find our unique place in the universe, that we excel at our given purpose however insignificant it may seem, that we overcome our narrow view of the big picture and feel one with the universe.

Symbols like the Celtic Cross indicate exactly where our place is: at the intersection of the microcosm and macrocosm, a unique place for each of us, individually discovered,  in order to have any meaning and significance on our understanding. To find our rightful place is to learn to perceive the cosmic laws that govern us, what they teach us and how they apply in our daily lives.

Starting with a disciplined approach and an open heart, we can begin to embrace the energy we engage, evolve and mature our spiritual abilities and perceive more of the sacred and unknown. Equipped with this knowledge, are we up to the task? Am I reaching my full potential?  Are we being free of our mortal boundaries? Are we wielding the full might of our spiritual gift?