Life Is A Test, Explained


There are four kinds of people: those that look around them and think that what they see is all that there is, those that usually see only what they want to see, and those that see nothing even if it stares them in the face.

Then there a few who have the innate skills to navigate the currents armed only with the knowledge that life is dynamic, and that the only predictable element is that something unpredictable will, almost certainly, happen. They appreciate that one needs to know how to approach the unknown as a challenge rather then a threat. In this respect, they view life as a test.

Every element we are exposed to is unknowable until it happens, subsequently we must continue to accept that all that can ever be known at any given moment will be incomplete. This, in a most fundamental sense, is the kind of world we live in and if we are going to survive and flourish, this must be accepted as immutable.

The way reality is defined is based on individual perspective, our location in space and distance relative to any observable event. Many things happen regardless of whether we are there to observe them or not; so, everything we know is subjective and this same principle can also be applied to how humanity views the universe. The only way we could know everything is to be at all places in the universe at the same time. That could only be possible if we were God.

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