Defining Our Place In Infinity


Somehow, we have collectively come to the conclusion that the universe is so vast that its impossible to rule out the possibility of life existing elsewhere in the Cosmos. That isn’t acknowledging their existence, just affirming that we don’t have enough information to say, as a fact, that they don’t exist.

This is a significant shift in the collective consciousness, reflected by the evolution of the universal urge, primal at its core, to understand what really exists among the infinite galaxies.

Perhaps as galaxies are infinitely large, there are also galaxies infinitely small that exist within each living thing. The microcosm and the macrocosm is symbolized by the Celtic cross, the point of intersection that, if perceived, defines our place in the universe, the proverbial X marks the spot.

What this all means is that we are not observers of existence, but part of its continuity. The way that translates into behavior depends on how much of the perceived point of intersection changes our awareness of and connection to each succeeding and preceding planes of existence.