It seems to me, as I read the news, that almost every day large sinkholes are appearing in all parts of the US, Europe, and everywhere else. What does it all mean? Its not as if its occurring in one part of the country or near a fault line, as a result of some ruptured pipeline or due to floods. In fact, it’s on almost every continent.

Why is it happening and why hasn’t the government and geologists been saying more about what is really going on. My initial conclusion is that I am not in a delusional state, but a curious mind with a serious scientific inquiry asking a simple question, Why is the ground collapsing beneath our feet? What I see is a frightening event. At any time at an unpredictable place  I could be standing on solid ground and in several seconds, literally, the ground could collapse beneath my feet. I wonder if anyone else has noticed the increase in sinkholes.

Perhaps this is symptom of the changes in climate that everyone is noticing but afraid to acknowledge, and no one wants to concede that these changes would require tremendous amounts of money and an enormous global effort. This would certainly be resisted by the Republican Party as bad for business. There also may be a global fear that no one including the scientists knows what to do. What this all means is up for debate, but all we have to do is wait. It wont take long.