Unlocking Forbidden Knowledge


From a philosophical point of view, nothing is forbidden. The word itself implies that something is prohibited because a higher authority in a position of power over others has deemed it so. Historically, monarchs, dictators and religious leaders of repressive patriarchal regimes have kept the masses, especially women, from access to knowledge and education solely to maintain ignorance and control their role in society. The male and female principal, when balanced, creates the strongest union of human potential. Regrettably, there hasn’t been enough equilibrium between them, and as a result this potential has not been achieved.

From a spiritual perspective, all things are knowable, just not at the same time. The vastness of what exists goes far beyond what is thought to be the known universe. It’s not realistic to believe that the brain could contain it all. But the spirit, which has no sex, possesses the capacity to expand farther then anything physical. The goal is simple: to evolve consciousness and enable one to absorb more of what is not known and make it part of the known. This is an introspective path, esoteric in nature, solitary and often lonely. There are no words that can do justice to the experience, however symbols often contain the key to awakening the inner sight to perceive more, but each person, both male and female, must discover the symbol that resonates with their soul.

Unfortunately some mistakenly associate those with esoteric knowledge as either an elite group, usually guarding knowledge of what others cannot see, or they put them on a pedestal and expect them to tell them the right thing to do, as if they can prognosticate the future. However, one who is learned in esoteric experiences understands that even if they revealed what is sought, it would remain invisible to the untrained eye. Instead, they embedded what they knew in symbols, often archaic, left for the individual to discover if their inner nature motivated them to search. This contradicts the notion that they intentionally kept the secrets as a means to maintain power. Actually, it respects the individual’s right to find their own path and perhaps help them along the way.

One who has attained esoteric knowledge knows that it is a difficult journey, an inner search to work through the obstacles that prevents one from seeing more, confident that the knowledge gained is far more meaningful if it’s discovered by the seeker on their own when they are ready to receive it, rather that being told by someone else prematurely.

Looking retrospectively on one’s life when crucial choices had to be made, the answers rarely came from someone else. Perhaps something another said evoked a new train of thought that was a catalyst for reaching their own insight, important in and of itself. But these are the breakthrough moments on the path towards enlightenment.

The best anyone who has taken the esoteric road can do is serve as a guide to help point the way and remind the traveler that the path is perilous because it will test their devotion to the truth they discover along the way.  Beyond that, no knowledge is taboo if it enlightens and uplifts the soul. Then it is meant to be known and is not forbidden.