The Thirty Day Countdown to December 21, 2012


Today,  November 21, 2012, the thirty day countdown to the winter solstice begins. This is the day that has been talked about for centuries as either the end of the world or some kind of planetary change. Much has been written about December 21, 2012. Many websites have appeared over the years, created by fringe groups that have been vocal about preparing for the worst case scenario, but the truth is that no one really knows, if anything, what will happen.

So lets put aside all prognostications about this date from texts such as The Mayan Calender, The Hopi Prophecies, The Writings of Nostradamus, The I Ching, The Thirteenth B’ak’tun, The Galactic Alignment and numerous others and classify them, for arguments sake, as part of the New Age Movement most associated with Astrology and Metaphysics. Nevertheless,  it is still curious why all of them note this particular date as significant.

From an astronomical point of view, a scientific perspective, the position of the sun will be in perfect alignment with the great rift also referred to as the cosmic womb. But this is still a bit nebulous and raises the question, so what? I have no clue what that means.

What we do know is the following: Climate change is real all over the planet. Storms are far more intense causing unprecedented damage and enormous coastal flooding. Earthquakes are more noticeable, tornado’s have been cited in Venice, sandstorms engulfing Phoenix, the frequency and intensity of sunspots are increasing and threatening the world’s electrical grid, global warming and global dimming are here and can be proven using measurements. The ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising and the ozone layer is disintegrating far faster than scientists had anticipated. The problem is that it would not only be costly but also require a significant change in our way of life to have any impact on any of these events. Even then we cannot be sure that the damage already done can be reversed nor can we reach a unified global response because the changing geopolitical reality is compounded by a world wide recession and a rise in regional conflicts.

So the world, especially politicians, scientists, and academics are at a loss as to what actions need to be taken. Perhaps something will happen in thirty days from today, perhaps not. Even if nothing is noticed, that in itself does not mean nothing has happened. Sometimes it takes time to feel any of the effects. In any event it would be prudent to be alert, observant and try to build a consensus for action if something does happen as December 21, 2012 approaches.