Seeking A Bridge Between Body And Soul – Part 3


Ayahuasca, the vine harvested in the amazon region of South America, has for centuries been used to attain transcendental states not only by shamans, but also by those who are experienced in the study of herbology. At its root lies the principle belief in plant spirits which is also common to the Findhorn Garden community in Northern Scotland as well as Native American Tribes.

According to legend, the plant spirits are the guardians who guide the seeker to create a stable combination of ayahuasca (DMT) with other plants to control the rate of its decomposition from the body and prolonging the spiritual communion.  Although, at first glance it sounds paganistic, the belief in the elemental and deva kingdoms does not contradict monotheism. It just presupposes a hierarchial chain extending into infinity that leads to a universal God, and it also affirms that God is approachable.

Although space travel has always been predicated on the development of technology to take us to the far reaches of other galaxies, it presupposes that to go there requires taking our physical body with us in a space craft moving greater then the speed of light. Perhaps by stimulating the spiritual molecule (DMT) either endogenously or exogenously, contact with other intelligent beings is as simple as projecting our consciousness to distant galaxies and other planes of existence and remembering the experience when we come back.


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