Practicing Chaos


Most things follow patterns of order, often imperceptible, hidden within harmonious arrangements of time and space, obvious but invisible until something disruptive appears attracting attention because its intrusive.

As an individual, the easiest way to stand out is by creating chaos, mainly to attract attention since one doesn’t get anywhere by doing what is expected. Too much time is focused on what others envisage for us at the expense of finding our own heart’s desire.

All are capable of creating disorder in their lives but it takes practice to learn how, over time, to use it to engage attention in a good way, although defining something as good or bad, positive or negative is subjective, talent and hard work may not be enough unless one is willing to take the plunge, now and then, by braving disorder, hoping it will be just enough to invite positive scrutiny, but never being sure that it actually will.

Perhaps, being sensitive to the mood of all the surrounding currents helps one learn how to direct chaos with insight and hopefully, its all interpreted as confidence rather then as some kind of atmospheric disturbance. But how disorder is in the end perceived, depends largely on the temperament of those perceiving it.