Sometimes it’s possible to feel connected to something higher. Usually, it seems like an unexplainable perception has been awakened and the energy flows freely. At other times distractions make everything chaotic and impossible to perceive. Then, the ability to focus becomes a futile attempt to pierce the fog as too many currents saturate thought at the same time.

Spirituality celebrates a layering of levels which extends into infinity.The need to know the endpoint is less important than the ability to sense the closest higher reality by piercing the density when the perception is first noticed.

The state from where the energy emanates is subject to belief and speculation, a fertile ground for theology, an outgrowth of paganism aimed at influencing the dialogue about the unknown by extolling a higher being who created all things as a reflection of His image. The organization of natural forces without the appearance of a personal higher being does not exclude His existence, it simply affirms a limited capacity to feel Him.

There are infinite senses one could link to if one is open to the possibilities, when the mind is clear and the heart is open. One simply has to learn to listen to the cosmic pulse. Although meditation is not as easy as it sounds, its not as nebulous as one would think. Anyone could reach a meditative state simply by relaxing, breathing in the Qi and not thinking about it too much.