Contemplating Creativity


Everyone is capable of tapping into the primordial currents of creationism and transmuting them into form by showing others, how for them, something is created; hopefully inspiring others to perceive in themselves their own truth and become co-creators in whatever form is comfortable for them.

Some creations are more memorable then others perhaps because they evoke a collective memory or a  common experience, tapping into some recognizable form that resonates individually and encourages  them to be creative as well. Usually, its difficult to articulate this using language without also changing the boundaries of imagination.

The creation itself is less important than the process, as everything is preparation for whatever structure will be created, open to the possibility that something unknown may appear at any moment to change the focus and alter the manifestation of the construct; while remembering that creation is just one’s perception made tangible.

How do you contemplate creativity? Feel free to use the comments section to share your own ideas about creativity.