The Hope Of Reincarnation

If the fear of reincarnation is knowing who you are by recollecting what you have done in past lives, both positive and negative, then hope is affirmed by the willingness to accept responsibility for them by reflecting on their meaning and the impact that they have had on one’s present life and change one’s thinking, the basis of free will. The actions that follow will be built upon insights created by new thought.

This state is difficult to achieve without objectivity, when clarity resonates consciousness without the influence of unbalanced emotions and the ability to focus on the things that really matter becomes the primary motivator of actions.

When a milestone is set movement begins as each step, confident with clear perception, one is ready to encounter unknown elements along the journey. It is here where the ability to draw on spiritual instinct helps when facing demons that lurk beneath habits as doubt clouds judgement and fear begins to appear.

Balancing emotions does not mean avoiding them. It’s in their embrace that awareness changes and the calmness of equlibrium is achieved. Then it is possible to walk the tightrope along the abyss with confidence and knowledge that this time any goal can be achieved.

Setting goals too far ahead can be deceptive as thought can change anywhere along the journey and alter the original vision conceived about possibilities and purpose of the initial direction. Willingness to reassess all intentions is crucial at each step as perception changes to meet whatever is encountered and transmutes the landscape of any goal.

Looking at it from a cosmic perspective is making a connection between how the universe operates and apply those principles to daily life on a personal level, recognizing  that cycles are best represented by the spiral. Looking at them from a bird’s eye view, the spiral appears as a circle, and although movement along its circumference feels repetitive it is not. From a side view its clear the spiral evolves and what seems to be circular is a cycle that moves to another level, although once we think something has been overcome, events throw us a reminder that there are still fundamental lessons to be experienced, again and again.

Reincarnation is the law that offers karma, cause and effect, its way to play itself out. The point is to experience all the lessons physical existence offers and move to another level where other laws may be at play. The way to see this is to remember what has occurred in previous lives and accept past lessons by consciously absorbing them, so that during one of those lifetimes the epiphany revealed suggests the doorway to get off the wheel and move on to another existence. This is the hope of reincarnation.

The Fear Of Reincarnation