Searching For Redemption

Redemption has always been the subject of great controversy. In Theology, it refers to the ability to recognize and overcome one’s weaknesses by finding a resolution using religious doctrine when faced with a moral dilemma created by personal choice.

Different religions associate a variety of meanings defining the path needed to achieve it. Catholicism for example entails receiving absolution from sin from an ordained hierarchy that maintains a philosophy equating redemption with eternal life, bestowed as a reward often involving personal sacrifice as a component.

In Buddhism, redemption is about surrendering attachments to desires in a larger sense, and in so doing rising above any temptation. Specifics are individual, and relates to the conditions of one’s evolution, and a reflection of the faith one has in the process. Relying on the guidance of those who have traveled a similar path, and who have faced the same struggles best affirms their course by example, having attained a degree of enlightenment. These are the teachers, and their help in the search is invaluable. However learning something from anyone qualifies them as your teacher, even if the lesson was unintentionally observed.  When this is realized, compassion for everyone develops because all have the capacity to teach, according to their experiences.

For redemption to have any meaning, compassion must saturate  awareness, allowing emotional turmoil to be  transformed  into solemnity as thoughts change from anger and retribution to understanding and forgiveness, otherwise anger will overwhelm and influence  any higher goals .

Forgiveness isn’t about letting someone elude judgement for their acts, but a recognition that cosmic justice will play its role in balancing the scales, as much as magnetic energy attracts or repels elements from each other. This is why so many people are against the death penalty.

One does not need to be present to see justice play out, as trust in the higher forces instills the knowledge of its inevitability allowing resentment towards someone for their actions to be released. It is also a lesson for everyone to realize that the same laws apply to all.

Redemption begins by accepting responsibility for thoughts and actions and acknowledging that the process begins by learning to forgive ourselves, then surrendering to redemption becomes part of the course of evolution and the awakening enlightenment of the soul.