Mega Cosmic Thoughts

Considering everything, perception depends on perspective, physically defined as the distance between the observer and what is being observed. Movement in any direction, from a cosmic perspective, reveals a lot of glowing dots we consider stars. Some are brighter than others, different colors and part of clusters that can only be imagined because most of them will always be beyond reach. Speculation about them is limited to the sensitivity of the instruments used to observe their existence which only affirms the vastness of eternity.

When we look at the stars, we see the distant past since it takes thousands of years for the light from them to reach us. So, when we speak about going into the future, we are also approaching the past. Perhaps this supports the notion that the perception of time is relative to speed as the line of sight approaches infinity.

Although space is not empty, we are only beginning to study the sub atomic elements of matter and radiation that permeate space. It is difficult to understand these particles because we cannot see them with the naked eye, and most of them do not exist on Earth and have to be artificially created during high energy collisions in particle accelerators. But, from what we have learned so far, at least two conclusions can be drawn:

The greater the change evidenced by the evolving patterns of stars suggests that even though they are moving very fast, their trajectory can be plotted assuming we know their previous positions in space. But this reveals nothing about the particles between objects that exist on a quantum level that can also be effected by speed.

No matter how much knowledge we have learned about the Cosmos, most of what is out there will still remain unknown. More of it will reveal itself when the brain evolves its capacity to absorb and contain what is seen.