The Sonic Subconscious



What we hear when we are conscious effects what we recall hearing when we are asleep. Scientists, philosophers, artists and poets have speculated about what transpires within the subconscious mind. Once there, thoughts coagulate, many are permeated with sounds that are rarely in the same sequence then when they were heard in a conscious state; some are fragments connected with visual images, scents, smells or touch, perhaps with colors woven into a dream that follows its own logic that seems quite reasonable when there, but makes little sense when awake.

This happens once extraneous thoughts are let go while drifting along the edge of day’s journey and the horizon is reached, falling into the embrace of sleep as attachments are shed for an instant, passing through the doorway into the library of infinite scenarios.

Everything experienced during this state is prioritized in a vast storage facility, a repository of all the impressions that we collectively consider the unconscious, an environment with endless tiers extending across various level of awareness not previously realized that resonate when something is remembered.

It is here, where dreams become the seamless bridge between what is real and what things seem to be; evoking the visceral sensation that remains as the inner nature of who we are begins to reveal itself to our waking consciousness, hopefully long enough to retain the memory and discover its meaning.