Through The Eye Of A Child

Sometimes in the quiet, close to sleep, when letting go is approached, it’s possible to remember; distilling the fear and anxiety, and restore a child’s curiosity. How simple it is to think simply, without judgements or conclusions; just questions, a way to look at and absorb things from a purer perspective.

Thinking about what happens when everything stops is a personal experience. Some claim that everything doesn’t just stop, instead, memory is lost. It doesn’t suggest anything about a Supreme Being or does it give any details about what the other side might feel like. It just draws attention about possibilities.

If one is going to think about these things, restoring the eye of a child in one’s self as the lens can be helpful. It’s the time when fairy tales and quests occupy thought, and everything that is seen simply is also simply seen. Innocence amplifies possibilities and purity of spirit nurtures an open heart. Perhaps this is another way to rediscover one’s self confidence which is recognizing that it’s less a goal than a transformation of the soul.