On A Supreme Being

In a cosmic sense, the course of evolution could best be understood when knowledge of all events is known. Even if this were possible, let alone attainable, there would be nothing left to learn. Looking at it from this perspective, a lofty goal,  is unrealistic unless one is the Supreme Being who knows everything everywhere at all times since time itself would be without meaning, then it would be pointless to ask any questions about anything.

Then again, there could only be one Supreme Being and no reason for individual perspective because all things would be part of The One that exists. Everything else would be a reflection of His creation and contain His essence.

Another consideration is that the Divine Spirit transcends sex,  so there would be no purpose to differentiate between Him or Her, nor would there be a reason for religion since the essence of a Supreme Being could be completely and accurately defined by, “I am whatever it is that I am.”