Connecting The Dots – (o—o—o)

Scientists say the geological events the planet is experiencing are normal. What isn’t is the acceleration. Experts hesitate to acknowledge any pattern or draw conclusions since there is not enough evidence to show any correlation.

What is noticeable is the intensity of storms. Floods are more frequent in areas that are not previously prone to them; large segments of the glacial ice caps are breaking off and melting, threatening to raise sea levels, and weather patterns appear to be changing.

Earthquakes and volcanic activity are stronger; sunspots are expected to be more powerful and pose risks to the planetary electrical grid systems and finally global dimming, known as a reduction of sunlight reaching the Earth’s crust has increased over the last twenty five years. The reason why this is important is because a decrease in Fossil Fuel pollutants in the atmosphere would result in more sunlight reaching Earth and higher temperatures world wide would accelerate global warming.

Scientists have also been very concerned that Cumbre-Vieja-Isle-de-la-Palma, the western most of the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa is showing signs of an impending landslide. Half of the island is an active volcano. A landslide of those proportions would send a Mega Tsunami wave 2 kilometers high across the Atlantic Ocean, effecting the coastline of North and South America.

What this all means is subject to much debate, but the visual communication of these events simultaneously made possible by our technological advancement has mobilized public concern to look towards the experts in science, politics and the private sector to tell us what we need to do to restore the balance of the planet where we can and plan for those events we cannot. The problem is that no one really knows what to do, and more people are beginning question whether its already too late.

The prognostications made by mystics about the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012 claim great cataclysms for the planet leading up to and after that date, while others say too much is being read into their meaning as they are presented in an archaic manner.

Many scientists caution that the planet normally has exhibited wide fluctuations of change in the past and there is simply not enough data compiled since science has kept records. “We would need thousands of years of records for comparison for any definitive conclusions.”

What do you think?


When Science Fails