Defining An Infinite Class Of Problems

Algebra, well known as a main branch of Mathematics is not only heavily utilized by science, but also serves philosophy by finding prototype equations defining a set of problems about life and existence usually referred to as The Mysteries. One’s hope is for the individual to  discover the equation that relates to them to help them solve some of their own problems; while simultaneously being  prepared to deal with new questions when they appear. This can be the motivation for some to seek out the truth in themselves or help them in their search for others who they think know more.

The urgency of the struggle usually depends on whether one is comfortable about the present and trusts the future that lies before them on one hand, while carefully avoiding complacency by being prepared for unexpected events on the other.

Insights tends to emerge from challenges that unfold from a complex balance between changing events and emotional reactions that can lead to enlightenment. The purpose of using formula’s is not to define life as formulaic, but to notice the correlation between the forces that govern the universe and one’s life. Then, as challenges appear, some connection with them will be instinctively intuited.