Thoughts On Time

Time is the pattern of sequencing the brain uses to interpret events as memories so that distinctions between the past, present and future are easier to identify.

The present can best be viewed as the pause taken when traveling from what was, into what will be, experiencing the thought being thought about at the moment it’s being thought.

What exists “now,” is evolving into what it will become, without the physical sensation of movement. But, a great deal of time is spent concerned about the unknown, a major distraction that leads to the moment not being appreciated until its past.

Older recollections resemble submerged photographs on a two dimensional plane. When they are organized, they can evoke a progression of thoughts connected to distant memories, rarely remembered until they are associated with a specific event. Then, its possible to see the flashes of a particular sequence, recognizing its evolution as a source of experience; either confidence or regret when facing an unknown future.

Duration, another way of referring to time without applying boundaries includes everything in between as a pattern of continuity which marks infinitesimal amounts of passage. A dot can represent  a second, a minute, an hour, a day or a year as the transformation from one to the other continues to change, a summation of which will comprise a lifetime – just another glimmer, interpreted through the lens of subjectivity of the journey we all make through time.