Pointing Out The Obvious

Most of what has been learned in life is more often than not invisibly absorbed into one’s personal landscape, individually processed and integrated into consciousness according to one’s ability to observe. For this reason, it is important to go back and look again at things we think we know.  Often, facts essential for knowledge are cloaked within superfluous details and mistakes are made because the obvious has been camouflaged by the presence of useless information. This is one cause for self doubt, but even this can be forgiven if it serves as a lesson that leads to a changed person who can anticipate the unknown as it approaches without fear.

It is not necessary to know all the elements of a situation before it happens. The goal is to make the best choice without knowing everything, although the hope is that one will develop an intuitive sense to assist when future events arise and perhaps prepare one for many possibilities including being wrong.

Anything that alters focus from seeing what exists is a distraction, a major cause of lost opportunities. Details about diversionary thoughts or even what existence contains are best left for the individual to identify so when new insights are noticed, another level of thinking is attained.