Cosmic Storms And Their Effects On World Power Grids

During Barak Obama’s presidential campaign, he stressed the urgency of upgrading the power grid as vital to national security. Perhaps he had read Severe Spacial Weather Events – Understanding The Societal and Economic Impacts (2008), a study funded by NASA and published by The National Academy of Sciences. On the other hand, if he had acknowledged being influenced by the report, some on the political right might have accused him of being an Astrologer.

The one hundred and thirty two page study, written by experts, details “what might happen to a modern society dependent on technology which could easily be disrupted by an extreme geomagnetic storm resulting from sunspots.” Infrastructures dependent on electricity are outdated and   susceptible to meltdowns due to changes in the sun. The effects could be catastrophic according to the scientists who claim, “the interconnectedness of grids elevates the projections of potential disaster to a global level, impacting on geopolitical events across a wide spectrum.”

Utilities in an attempt to transfer electricity over long distances have increased the possibility of a cascade failure by linking the systems to provide cheap energy over vast areas. “Electric power is particularly vulnerable to bad space weather systems. Ground currents induced during space storms can actually melt the copper windings of transformers at the heart of many power distribution systems. The sprawling power lines that crisscross the globe act like antennas, picking up the currents and spreading the problem over a wide area.”

Although the thought of a world wide power failure is unimaginable, the next sunspot event is projected by scientists for sometime around the beginning of 2013. This would coincide with events suggested for Dec 21, 2012 by the Mayans, Hopi, I-Ching and oracles like Nostradamus who predicted a tempest resulting from a planetary alignment that only takes place once every 28,000 years.

The failure of electrically based systems could take years to replace, leaving the population susceptible to life without basic services. Sewer systems would collapse, food and water would be scarce and medical care non existent for billions as infectious diseases rapidly proliferate.

Perhaps governments across the globe, mindful of the possibilities, are already quietly making contingency plans to deal with the mass hysteria and panic resulting from such an event.

In a little noticed report on January 19, 2008 a Norwegian politician stated that his government had already built a network of underground facilities to store seeds and DNA samples in the event of a cataclysmic disaster, while another report said that the governments of The United States and The European Community are assisting in the development of subterranean networks.

Perhaps these are just far fetched conspiracy theories. Then again, there is a great deal of  scientific evidence about the effects of sunspots to suspect that governments across the globe are silently preparing as spacial bodies converge in an alignment only seen once every 28,000 years.