Contemplating Infinite Outcomes

One path to enlightenment is recognizing that contemplating infinite outcomes is the only way to anticipate the effects of the present on future events. Calculated endeavors, even with the best of intentions, are usually surrounded by varying degrees of uncertainty and exists as aspirations that can appear vague and formulaic even if the motive is clear.

Any series or set of circumstances, also a mathematical construct, relates immeasurable amounts of events that can transpire or be erroneously interpreted as boundaries that can cloud perception. However, if reasonable goals are set and sufficient time is allowed for them to be realized, then they can serve as positive milestones.

Although this sounds a bit simplistic, most philosophies and religions say the same thing in symbolic form, open to interpretation while being scientifically nebulous at the same time. “Patterns that were previously unnoticed can now be revealed as their existence which has  always been part of the surrounding reality is reaffirmed,” so the claim goes.

The other important foundation of any evolutionary movement is the emotional balance necessary to avoid distractions especially by things that complicates judgement and obscures the path towards a transformed state. Ultimately, how it is all interpreted depends on one’s location within the transcendental experience.

An analogy is comparing life to a multiple choice test. Whoever formulates the questions are not interested in testing you on the things you are expected to know. Its usually the exceptions which become the focus of  inquiry, and perhaps also by illustrating  how easily the student is distracted by irrelevant facts.