Mastering Uncertainty Too

Knowing what to say or do at any given moment is a worthy objective to aspire to. Unfortunately, events don’t occur exactly in the same way twice as unknown factors reveal themselves. Perhaps a reasonable goal, from a philosophical perspective, divinely guided or not, would be to quickly notice the obvious patterns and allow the subtle ones which can also effect the outcome, to be perceived. Then, reasonable reactions become subconscious and instinctive as individual sentience, added infinitely, approaches the collective unconscious.

The problem with saying anything specific is that it excludes a great deal in the process. Using a formula with constants identified as proven facts, and variables, all unknowns, allows a range of possibilities to describe a more expansive reality; But they also run  the risk of being too generic to be identified as facts or taken seriously as individual predictions, which is why symbols incorporate  the most, limited less by specifics and open to a broader interpretations. Likewise, once something is said, its difficult to take it back, which is why its probably better to think more and say less.