The Library Of Infinite Senarios



When dreams act as mirrors in the library of infinite scenarios, knowledge of language proves inadequate. Art, in its broadest sense becomes an ideal way to identify memories that have been stimulated by dreams and visa versa without the frustration of trying to articulate them using words.

On the other hand, thoughts can be propelled in endless dimensions, projected as images impressed upon the soul just as poetry depends on the pause between the lines to evoke imagery. Dreams however follow a different logic, emerging from distant or recent memories and visceral emotions without the influence of time. The challenge is to bring it all back into waking consciousness so that its meaning can be understood.

An analysis of dreams often reveals a wide range of elements, limited only by the boundaries of one’s imagination. Inevitably someone will point out that language, made up of letters, words, sentences and pictures are also symbols reflected in the library of infinite scenarios where space suddenly takes on more significance as the containment of everything that cannot be seen since it has the potential for perceivable things influenced only by one’s curiosity to imagine them.


The Sonic Subconscious