Order Is To Chaos As Dot Is To The Point

order-defined-by-chaosUsually, the laws of the universe are defined by some sort of relationship between chaos and order in an identifiable pattern, noticed over a period of time, predictable when and if the ability to co-measure allows for seeing events relative to the actual state of conditions contrary to collective delusion.

The ability to redefine the unknown instilled with focused direction is obvious when a learned lesson encourages a different course then habitual action, however it’s of no value unless understanding the impact is remembered, allowing the acceptance of responsibility, especially when anticipated reactions are as palpable as those that are not, including the ones that result in unexpected pain – a positive way to look at mistakes empowering self-confidence and suggesting the path of wisdom is revealed more as a function of the struggle then it is of the outcome.

3352136323_485f672e7e_oIf things that occur exist on both a microscopic and macroscopic level, then it is possible to infer the likelihood of events that appear unseen somewhere out there – a nebulous thought – cosmically inspired by the notion that what is too vast or minute to observe is simply an extension of what is.

All bets are off when vision is clouded by haze, fog or a mirage of subjective beliefs difficult to pierce. Hopefully spiral motion is a result of observation, although   distinguishing it from horizontal linear movement depends on the ability to see the larger scheme than the moment that surrounds the present. Perhaps a bird’s eye view will reveal everything as The Point, laying on an arc somewhere part of the circumference of an infinite circle where the dot is the point.