Me, Myself And Eye In An Alternate Reality


If it were possible to travel to another dimension from the one I am currently in, how similar would my “other” self be, assuming it’s even possible to encounter myself?

There is no guarantee that anyone would look the same wherever “there” is, since events possibly similar or not could happen in a different sequence producing alternate outcomes including changes in a person’s physical appearance. It is possible that any likeness would be so remote as to remove the chance that they would even be recognizable as oneself in an alternate reality.universes Blue eyes, female and a full head of hair here, brown eyes, male, and bald, over there. Even Enantiomers, known in science as mirror image compounds, have very different chemical properties although they contain the same elements in mirror image positions.

So why bother looking for one’s other self in an alternate reality even if a bridge leading to one were attainable? It is much easier to consider oneself unique, a product of a random genetic selection effected by the environment of the surroundings, generating more causes and effects, redefining self and becoming whatever the accumulation of experiences create.

Individual’s lives, if viewed as alternate realities of each other, are different roles on the stage of existence, varying depending on their random genetic confluence, surrounding environment and personal encounters. Putting oneself in someone else’s shoes and seeing what they see can unfold another reality without ever having to travel to an alternate dimension.