The Zen Of Reincarnation

132946-fbWrestling with mortality is never easy, part of exploring personal destiny, an empirical approach, shedding identity of what has been learned while retaining memory and self-awareness. It also provides an opportunity to weigh preconceived notions enabling a co-measured response to whatever is encountered. On the other hand, a nihilistic approach is a way to dismiss the whole process by rationalizing that everything simply stops, so why waste time speculating?

The only thing necessary for a spiritual path is recognizing the divine spark individual to all and realizing it’s the same spark. Once that connection is felt, thought elevates, encouraging a balanced respect for oneself and others although it’s almost never effortless – a combination of risk – chance and confidence.

wheel_of_life2Choices that are based on experience or the lack of it have patterns if only by being interrelated. When something is learned, the cycle spirals rather than move in circles, but that depends on the ability to remember and take the memories wherever the path leads, using familiarity as an advantage, fostering objectivity and balancing emotions or else lessons are forgotten, then one is destined to make the same mistake more than twice.

Inspiration rarely appears without conscious sacrifice, requiring exertion, which is not an easy thing, otherwise one would either be unfocused by the surrounding chaos,  distracted and self-absorbed to preclude noticing, a daunting challenge to developing balance.

Reincarnation is not as consoling a path as western theological thought. The enlightenment it offers is not reassurance of continuity but the realization that the best way to evolve is to learn the lessons life has to teach, transcend this level and go on to the next expression of existence retaining conscious awareness and memory without having to come back to be reborn again, freed from the struggle with the tests imposed by rebirth and living another cycle grappling with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Spirituality creates an opportunity to set lofty goals by recollecting mistakes made in past lives while teaching that reincarnation is a sacrifice, to return to help the rest of humanity evolve off the wheel of karma.