Philosophy On The Fringe

Depending on perspective, the Fringe is determined by where one is located when considering the line of vision, a constantly changing landmark effected by motion, sometimes described in language subjectively.

Defining the center, wherever one begins, marks the notation of an observable fringe, elements contained within the borders described by the circumference of a 360 degree rotation. Things not contained in this area might better be represented as ‘potential fringe,’ since it is beyond the scope of sight and veiled at any given moment as undifferentiated space unless movement is instigated.

The only way to know for sure if the location one occupies is at center or the outer edge depends on distance from the most number of consciousnesses, aware enough to contain similar thought potentials on the same plane, described by infinite motion in any physical direction. If not, then you know for sure that you are on the fringe.

Imagination as thought unleashed penetrates the void to reveal what is formally not perceived, unless blinded by distractions that divert attention from the mark allowing what is there to be invisible, always a danger perhaps revealing a weakness that could influence outlook and decision. A potential mistake or an opportunity to either finally resolve an issue or perpetuate the behavior that leads to the same mistake.

Referring to the fringe has been clouded by the assumption that it’s more associated with uncommon, hence the deviant, or abnormal. That would be correct from a statistical stand point if only life were as easy as simply describing the distance between the most frequently occurring number and self, rather than also connoting qualitative social value often influenced by cultural bias.

Philosophy on the fringe illuminates the observations of existent forms from the unique position one is placed amidst the vast scope of infinity, if objectivity can be maintained. A difficult thought to consider when the universe is viewed as a revolution around ones self.

Perhaps being on the fringe is just another way of going around in circles.