Missed Opportunities And The Zen Of Evolution

zenThere is a notion in philosophy that life is perceived as frozen moments of chaotic motion unfolding the sum of all that is present, emerging from choices with unknown potential. The affirming nature of growth over time needs not be explained since its effects are keenly felt. Interpretation is a private matter when facing the truth about one’s life – The successes that build confidence or the results of failure and weakness that encourage denial and delusion, elements that effect future possibilities.

Often, so many things are going on at the same time, they all become distractions of each other, interfering with the ability to discern what is important and what is not. A talent for setting priorities could be useful here by preventing a chaotic situation and averting the emotional paralysis of procrastination. Frequently, so much thought and consideration is wasted thinking about opportunities, forgetting that timing is as important to the outcome of a choice as the choice itself. Here, balance with a co-measured response could be helpful even when events seem to unfold so quickly that by the time they are noticed, it’s already too late. On the positive side, it’s also possible to realize that a missed opportunity can become a chance to rethink what’s needed to be learned to avoid making the same mistake again, the one’s remembered longest.

missed_thumbThings that have an emotional impact are more easily noticed, evoked by some pre-verbal sense that can be completely unrelated. Some might call this intuition, an instinct with free will to resist listening. The most likely three places emotions are strongest is at either the positive or negative extreme, or the center, a point so balanced that it can lead to indifference.

All of this, objectively understood as a lifetime can be perceived as a Zen experience, individually observed from a bird’s eye view as a collection of points on a level plane moving through space together, defined by periods of stillness and interaction, self-conscious at the same time, learning lessons from those who leave footnotes of their frozen moments of chaotic motion unfolding, yielding the sum of all that is present.