Is This True, Not Or Just A Crock (#17)?

150px-star_figure_9-3The number 9 is the natural whole number following 8 ½ and preceding 10, also known as a Motzkin number to indicate the different ways of drawing non intersecting chords on a circle between n points. It’s ordinal adjective is ninth.

A number is evenly divisible by nine if and only if its digital root is 9. For example, adding all the digits of a number until a single digit remains, the digital root of 655,360 is 25, and the square root of 25 is 5. A nine sided polygon is called a Nonagon and a group of nine of anything is called an Annead, quite an odyssey of information.

daniel-day-lewisNine is also a musical adaptation based on Italian director Federico Fellini’s autobiographical cinematic masterpiece, 8 ½ (Otto e mezzo). The movie was awarded the Best Foreign Film of 1963. His choice of the number as the title of film is said to represent the six feature films, two shorts and the one film Fellini co-directed up to that point. Add music to 8 ½ and you have 9. The film version is currently in production somewhere in Rome and stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Guido Contini and Sophia Loren as Mama in a sweeping epic of creative and sexual reflection set for release November 2009.

Federico Fellini
Sophia Loren
Daniel Day Lewis
8 ½
Motzkin number


September 20th also markes the 75 birthday of Sophia Loren, who has gifted the world with her charm, wit,  grace and elegant beauty. We wish her , her children and grandchildren the very best on this day and for the future.

Happy Birthday Sofia Loren, may you have many more .