Is This True, Not, Or Just A Crock (#16)?

A slimy, pulsating blob, “the sewer monster”, has been found to exist beneath the streets of North Carolina. A colony of prehistoric creatures called Bryozoans eat using a set of brown tentacles.

A worm-like form, they live near ponds and lakes and were captured on film by a maintenance company doing a routine inspection of the sanitation sewer which is located beneath one of America’s oldest shopping centers.

“The Glob appeared larger on film,” asserted a spokeswoman from Malphrus Construction, the firm that shot the video.

Environmental inspector, Ed Buchan was reported by the Charlotte Observer to have said “it was a rare phenomenon, ” first thought to be extra-terrestrial in nature that also led to conspiracy theories about an alien invasion.

Authorities claim there is no plan to remove the blob since its not clogging the pipes.