Trying To Define Idiosyncratic Behavior

“Describing idiosyncrasies is often based on who is being spoken of, a double standard built upon defining someone differently when they have money, talent and exhibit bizarre behavior, explaining them as strange but ‘brilliant eccentrics’, otherwise suggesting those who are poor and nuts are just plain ‘crazy,’ even though they are unusually gifted.”

adhd_reportWithout judging eccentricities as oddities but rather as traits skewed in one direction or another that falls along the principles of the Bell Curve, a visual description of the statistical norm deviating from the most frequent number of cases of whatever is being measured. Some people display curiosities that are provocative, testing tolerance in different ways,   expressing what is believed to be harmless behavior until some line of perversity is crossed, not forgetting that peculiarities are subjective and culturally defined.

Creative people are sometimes an uneven mix of genius  marked by social immaturity that is enough to draw attention evoking a reaction. Considered lovable in spite of their oddness, tolerated when young until they pass into adulthood and the immaturity  becomes so glaring a stop sign is needed, reinforcing the social constraints expected. Hopefully, those surrounding them will provide a necessary reality check. Unfortunately the people who are closest and most able to convey the problem are often, especially for the rich and famous, frequently financially dependent on the wealth and persona generated by these people  which results in pampering and reassurance, telling them what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear.

spypicPublic notoriety exacerbates the situation which also becomes a motivator, among other things, encouraging substance abuse as an escape made easier when money is plentiful to purchase access to all sorts of drugs and pharmaceuticals as they are caught in the struggle to forget their situation, unable to judge how close to the bottom of the barrel they are or the level that is necessary to change, over indulged by some while severely criticized by others.

Over time, as personal objectivity dissipates, depression accelerates. Once trapped, it acts like quick sand, not knowing what direction to move to get unstuck from the quirks that lead to a spiral descent as common sense, morality and discrimination suffer from the need to be shielded from the rest of the world. Usually afflicted with sleep disorders, drugs are taken, prescribed by doctors willing to write prescriptions for a price, until one day the person doesn’t wake up.