The Reflective Centipede

vermicompostingWormy the centipede, an arthropod by nature with a crowd of legs, had no vision capable of sensing more than light and darkness. A world of colorless shade, reflected by mono-chromatic sensation, although it was hard to see the many ayes moving in one direction, yet Wormy was so blind and unaware considering so few nays in its chorus of motion, perhaps a segmented notion caught like everything else in the stream of life.

“What is there to see except what’s ahead?” mirrored Wormy from the surface of the pond. Disconnected but for the center string-like cord, an arching series of knots stepping forward and backwards from one end to the other, afoot here, there and everywhere, moving at a snail’s pace, deceptively mistaken for a caterpillar, but not, since a butterfly was not within its destiny, a monarch of the wind, flipping its wings, migrating thousands of miles across the American continent, a sacrifice of orange and black against the deep blue sky astride the blowing wind never quite knowing which is up or down, north or south, yet still driven by instinct. However like a butterfly, Wormy’s fate was to be food for small predatory rodents, birds and carnivorous insects somewhat engaged from the Arctic circle to Antarctica, without any migratory patterns to speak of since it had no vocal cords to utter a sound.

“So, why waste the energy traveling so far in the first place?” reflected the centipede from the surface of the pond, without an intended thought since it had no brain to think deep thoughts, accidentally crawling onto the marshmallow before it is impaled on a stick and toasted over the open flame then lightly chewed and swallowed without notice. A tasty morsel of sugar and protein, a gooey confection of sorts.