Listening To The Cosmic Quiver


Inhaling the breath of Qi, (pronounced key), is the primal energy that serves as psychic glue to connect all suspended bodies moving within the fluid currents of space. Still, it’s a subjective perspective focused more on the impact of those things close enough to be noticed, often oblivious to the pulse of distant objects that also exert powerful force.

Add the quiver of everything seen, speculate about what isn’t, listen for the cosmic sigh and it’s possible to consciously become one with the universe, thought of as a cliche for the New Age Movement that acknowledges whatever is learned, there are things that will still remain concealed because infinity, although approachable, is unknowable.

hs-2006-50-b-webSome consider oneness with the cosmos a collective term, perhaps overused to include the interactions of cause and effect (karma), thoughts and deeds (also karma), as well as the gravity of celestial objects that glimmer at night, endlessly moving from one place to another, indistinguishable from those that appear stationary, an inspiration for poets, philosophers, mystics and scientific investigators describing different aspects of Cosmology, the study of the Universe in its totality and humanity’s place in it.

Any individual approach is inconsequential compared to an infinite perspective since events pass so quickly, often accumulating yet overlooked in favor of  something more obvious. It becomes ordinary, invisible until sensitivity to the surroundings is precipitated by curiosity encouraging the search for a connection between individual events and universal principles. Even then, it’s easy to neglect the significance of what has already been revealed by personal and collective history as being so redundant it generates apathy and boredom, causing distorted interpretations that are anything but objective, common more to prejudicial thinking and a justification for using substances that distract attention by clouding perceptions.

Ignorance is wisdom when accompanied with confidence that whatever is not known, can be if and when it’s perceivable. A trained eye with the inner vibration of OM that extends beyond the vocal sound into the soul, not only helps by creating physical harmony, health and solemnity concentrating thought in meditation, while inhaling the breath of Qi, dispelling the tension that exacerbates physical and mental pain.

infinityEventually, the ritual of meditation becomes nothing more than a focal technique to listen to the cosmic pulse, then life begins to speak clearly to those willing to listen, as if existence itself becomes the meditation. But, whatever lies beyond the known, is only useful if it is remembered, providing landmarks to measure future events whatever their nature, strengthening free will.

The challenge of refining the senses requires discipline and focus, but the reward is a steady evolution to prepare an awakened consciousness for the influx of new energies, now consciously absorbed allowing what is learned to be retained.