The Fear Of Reincarnation

heaven-way-thumb4226793The notion that existence is a series of  multiple lifetimes filled with experiences connected by individuality, moving spirally in overlapping cycles, can be a threatening thought. If people only live once, then they need not waste time thinking about what was done in a past life, especially when the range may include some reprehensible acts.

Clues of the inner struggle of good and evil are often revealed by dreams, fantasies and thoughts, although it is difficult to listen to their hidden message. Most people don’t want   to acknowledge the evil within themselves or the harmful actions they may have committed, even when confronted, often rationalizing them as unexpected occurrences or misunderstandings, initiated by the highest of motives and not their fault.

Judgment is better left to the cosmic forces however they are defined, since reincarnation – a difficult concept to accept – opens the doorway to the possibility that  everyone has done just about anything humanly possible during the sum total of their lives, including the misuse of power that perhaps has led to the death of others. How else would one learn responsibility but to have experienced leadership on some level and abused it by making bad choices and having a difficult life suffering the consequences.

The problem is remembering those choices and carrying the lessons learned from one life to the next so mistakes are not repeated. Unfortunately, the difference between Good and Evil is rarely obvious and can be as subtle as moving from a room painted “off-white” to an adjacent one that is completely “white.” The difficulty is not knowing what “white” really looks like until there is something else, different, to compare it to.

In a cycle of birth, death and rebirth, one has to think about personal actions in a multidimensional way. How will actions done in this life play out in the next?


How has much of the fortune or misfortune currently experienced been determined by experiences in a previous life, especially if nothing is remembered?

The fear of  reincarnation is knowing who you really are by recollecting what you have done in your past lives, exploring all thoughts and motives evoked to a conscious level and accepting responsibility, regardless of what is discovered. But the thought of coming back over and over again is exhausting. It is much easier to think that when it’s all said and done, everything just stops or one goes to either eternal joy in Heaven or everlasting damnation in the fires of Hell – all of which is determined presumably by one’s life. At least then, one knows where they will spend the rest of eternity.

The Hope Of Reincarnation