Time For Chaos

Looking at Time as a progression of experiences doesn’t imply that its visual expression forms a straight line. It probably more closely resembles a parabola with peaks and valleys suggesting that happiness, like a climax, is only momentary, being compared to the most intense experiences recalled by which all in the future will be measured, also defining other kinds of contentment possible as life proceeds through a cascade of adventures.

Memory depends on the concentration that events imprint, just recollections of mind and heart seeking new things to imagine and strive for by revealing diversity within the repetitive motion of the cycles that dominate existence, imposing their curved movement as the currents convey levels of order – the only way of understanding a world defined by laws partially perceived by science and theology.

Boredom is a collection of lost thoughts submerged by reiteration that can often lead to dependencies, at first offering the illusion of things differently, an uncommon perception that alters better sense and enables rationale convinced by physical or psychological means that to survive, whatever is depended upon is needed, effectively altering attention to prioritize behavior to preserve it, at the expense of other things.

Change is possible when there is no lower place to go, emotionally and physically bankrupt, not in control of events or aware of the dismal fate that lay ahead. Then nothing really matters because perspective and objectivity have been lost, until vision clarifies the notion that any transformation is better than descending into sameness, where even happiness can be a trap if there are no variations to appreciate it.

When self-consciousness is no longer a factor motivating actions, bold moves become possible. Then a solution for any cause depends on the ability to objectify the experience from the onset, allowing choices to be less affected by self-centered or disconnected emotions.

Once this is achieved, it is possible to see whether the path that has been led is straight, curved, or just a messy set of points suspended in space conveying nothing but chaos.