The Cap Of Duns Scotus

The Hat Of Duns Scotus is an invention attributed to John Duns Scotus, a noted christian theologian and philosopher during the middle ages as well as the single largest influence on christian thought for decades. He wrote the book Treaties On Grammar, Logic, Metaphysics, postulating “univocity of being“, “the formal distinction” and the idea of “haecceity.”

These three concepts were meant to clarify that “things” do in fact exist, that it is possible to examine different aspects of the same “thing” and identify unique qualities that illustrate individual distinctiveness. Sound logic for a period of history known as the dark ages. Although historians generally disagree when this period began, some argue that the burning of the Alexandrian Library in the Fourth Century AD is one of its landmarks.

The cap often made of paper and used for public humiliation, expressed dim wittiness or stupidity, marked with a capital D. Somewhere along the line, its metaphysical meaning was lost. Perhaps it is a tool to funnel the cosmic energy to make one smart, much as the capstone of the pyramid serves as the point of manifestation from the invisible dimension to the seen world.

goya_tribunalAlthough the geometrical model for a four sided pyramid is well known, its true meaning has been revealed only to a few, suggesting an esoteric significance associated with its function. Some mystical orders performed testing rituals and initiations in special chambers energized by the forces entering through the capstone, the power fracturing and enveloping all four corners at the foundation, opening portals into alternate dimensions. Whether that is true, not or just a crock remains to seen or experienced as one approaches the cosmic stream.

bath_capThose who understand the nature of the cap have also used the idea to invent interesting and new ways to adorn and care for the head such as this product called the Head Bath Cap advertised on Techeblog. Here is a chapeau that gives your head and your hair a good cleaning: “just place it over your skull and let water run within the boundaries of the cap onto your head, keeping the scalp water logged helping your hair grow faster and fuller by penetrating the pores in your scalp submerged beneath the trapped water.” Another variation of “go soak your head.”

Then there is The Shat (see below), a unique cap advertised by William Shatner (the Shat). It comes in different colors to reflect mood, Andorean Green, Romulan Red and Klingon Yellow. Now you too “can wear your feelings on your head.” Perhaps Mr. Shatner will don the red one after he finally sees the new Star Trek film and realizes that if Captain Kirk had not been killed off in Star Trek VII-Generations, he could have been in the current film. Now, the Shat will become just another variation of the cap of Duns Scotus, which is not latin for Scotty.