Parallel Universe or Alternate Reality?

evangeline_statueA multi-verse could be either a hypothetical set of multiple potential universes – including our own – that together comprise all of reality, or a many versed poem such as Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

As a literary work published in 1847, it chronicles the life of an Acadian girl named Evangeline Bellefontaine and her search for her lost love, Gabriel Lajeunesse, set against the sweeping landscape of North America during the time of “Le Grand Derangement“, an unpleasant period in Canadian history, when the inhabitants of the maritime provinces including Prince Edward Island and parts of Maine were relocated by the British. Many migrated to Quebec while others went to Louisiana and became Cajuns whose descendants still speak French, even today.

One of Longfellow’s most enduring works, it was written in dactylic hexameter – also the technique used in the Greek and Latin classics, a poem with a rhythmic scheme that goes on and on verse after verse, hence the term multi-verse. Perhaps it would have been more interesting to read had it been penned in prose or taught in History class instead of Poetry 101. Longfellow was obviously influenced by his close friendship with Nathanial Hawthorne who had an ever so slight lean towards the puritanical and who etched such memorable works as The Scarlet Letter.

hwlongfellowFrom a scientific point of view, a multi-verse is an unproven theory of theoretical physics. The different universes within the multi-verse are sometimes called parallel universes, often interchangeable with the term alternate realities. However anyone versed in geometry knows that since parallel lines never meet, it is not possible to travel from one parallel universe to the next leaving us with a summation of alternate realities as the only credible explanation for the theoretical basis for reality, although to quote the eminent Dr. McCoy, “Good God Spock, I’m a doctor, not a physicist.”

Any reasonable person would ask, what do alternate realities have to do with Canadian history? spock mindmeldSpock would probably respond, “Obviously the history of Canada is an alternate reality of American history without the revolutionary war.” If that were true, then in another reality, Canada is the fifty-first state.

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