Zip It: YI Zipper Earphones

Tangled wires have always been the bane of my existence, a dresser drawer filled with an assortment of colored extension cords enough to give any self-respecting ‘appliance’ a headache. A plague lay-ed upon humanity and those with limited vision trying to figure out a new combination of outlets to use that twitters about an abode filled with junk. One circuit breaker plugged into another creating a mess of entangled cords, the inescapable reality of a modern technological society that has gifted our mortal soul chaos instead of order and a place for layers of dust.

One of the most frustrating wire thing’s has been earphones, assuming a confused form if looked at the wrong way, seeming to have a mind of their own, as if they intentionally mesh to irritate their owner. It’s a chore to remove all the knots before attaching them perhaps to a beloved iPod to listen to legally downloaded music, movies or TV programs for those fortunate to have purchased the collectors model, the 160 GB device, before it was discontinued by Apple. A proud addition to a diverse collection of artifacts also accumulating dust.

yi_earphones2A solution has now been offered as an alternative to being all wired up. It’s the Zip It: YI Zipper Earphones, an intriguing Yanko design via Oh Gizmo and reviewed by Dvice: “The earphones were created by Ji Woong and features a zipper that lets you zip them up to eliminate cable knots with a convenient volume and hold feature in the zipper pull. The volume control is a small, rotating structure that enables you to adjust the volume, while the volume hold prevents unwanted controls in active conditions.”

According to Whacko, “the zipper teeth are made of plastic and the chord appears sealed in a fabric sleeve to which the zipper attaches.” Although most comments are favorable, it’s still in the developmental stage and no price has been mentioned, however manufacturers should take notice of this one since just about everyone has complained about a morass of wires, strongly suggesting the market exists with some minor modifications in design and function as long as the sound is good and it’s reasonably priced. The only remaining question is whether the Zip It:YI Zipper Earphones is a durable product or just a conversation piece.

My Percepto Rating: “No more wire Zippers!

A: Zip it up
B: Down with metal zippers
C: Zip it sideways
D: Things can still get stuck with plastic teeth