Trying To Avoid A Void

voidAsking a question without expecting an answer is a difficult challenge since the initial inclination for wanting clarification is the basic reason a query is made. A response, perhaps in the form of an Epiphany, divine revelation or emerging creative impulse, is not an unreasonable expectation as long as whatever appears is recognized for what it is.

A nebulous answer is as good as no answer since it’s often so vague and formulaic with liberal doses of unanticipated ironic twists that come out of nowhere to be of any appreciable use, although they are ideal for those who love cryptic responses with symbols steeped in the mystery of occult design.

We also have myths and legends, grand tales of hero’s, instilled with moral struggles of human traits, lurking in literature, art, and philosophy, so obvious they lie invisibly surrounded by distractions. Whatever the basis of conclusions from events, preconceived notions of what is thought to exist can noticeably effect judgment and outcome. Some occurrences such as a rainbow, comet or eclipse, at a key moment, can be interpreted as a sign from some divine source woven by hope and optimism for an unknown future.

Whatever the case, there is too little time to obsessively worry about what a void contains before it appears. There is not enough information to say anything about it except perhaps to convey an opinion regarding what its substance is, since no one who goes there and stays has ever come back to tell about it, so it seems pointless to speculate and simply avoid a void, until it finds you, as the pull of the vortex gravitates closer and closer, until the only option is to surrender.