Star Trek Redone


Going to see a Star Trek movie is like trying to predict the weather, never knowing what your going to get until sitting in the audience, the endless previews  and commercials displayed as the aroma of buttered popcorn fills the air  high with expectations,  hoping for once they get it right. This time they did.

A well done transformation of Star Trek has begun with this film consistent with Gene Roddenberry’s vision,  outstanding direction by JJ Abrams and a clever script by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

star_trek_chokes2The bridge between old trek and new is Spock played once again by Leonard Nimoy in a small but pivotal performance surrounding his attempts to save Romulus  threatened by a collapsing star.  He fails, and as a result a black hole develops, Romulus is destroyed, also pulling Spock and a Romulan freighter though the singularity into the past. From the events that follow an alternate reality is created and a new time line where just about everything in the star trek universe is uncertain. Relationships and events are re-interpreted in surprising and unexpected ways.

Visually compelling, its filled with fast moving action sequences and character development reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica and Star Ship Troopers. The Romulan ship looks like the Shadow Vessels in Babylon 5, although none of this takes away from the  impact or originality of the story. On the down side, the film has too many unnecessary camera flashes that are annoying.

Chris Pine does a good job as Jim Kirk bringing some of the arrogance William Shatner brought to the role without imitating any of  his exaggerated physical mannerisms,  bearing much of the weight of the film on his shoulders.

star_trek_movie_charactersZachary Quinto as the younger Spock conveys a different duality  with  a    physical resemblance to the Vulcan/human hybrid, the character originated by Nimoy,  embracing a more balanced  emotional nature in this new star trek alternate reality.

Karl Urban portrays Dr. McCoy , capturing the essence of DeForest Kelly‘s cantankerousness, adding something of his own to the character.

Each of the crew is well cast bringing a respect for their early TV series counterpart and adding new elements  made possible by a great script that never goes over the top as did some of the earlier Star Trek films.

Spacial anomalies and time travel have always served star trek well, as has alternate realities for those who remember, Parallels,  and Yesterday’s Enterprise, both episodes  of The Next Generation. Now the only intersecting point that remains between old trek and new is Spock Prime.

The special effects are good, the acting is excellent, with an outstanding  script containing a number of surprises directed by the right person, JJ Abrams. This is as good as it gets,  Star Trek redone. Running time 126 minutes, rated PG-13.

For a complete list of the cast see the IMdb data base

Jump Starting Star Trek For The Twenty – First Century