Reducing Your Wrinkles With Safetox

Assuming that it is possible to alter the effects of time, what use would a mirror have if not for seeing one’s personal reflection, a way to count the wrinkles and folds that spread across the face. Now, a new product called Safetox has been developed to effect the muscles that are the culprits of aging, “an electronic device that acts on the causes of lines at a cellular level, beneath the skin, the visible covering that conceals the structural dynamics, educating the cells at the rear of the head to open up and lift.”

muscles-visages-ridesOriginally designed as a treatment for migraines, it fits on the skull, the main unit lying in the middle of the forehead. Studies were initially focused on measuring changes in the frequency and severity of headaches until an increasing number of subjects were reporting that wrinkles were disappearing. Scientists speculated “only high frequency electrical intensity has proven successful to act on the motor nerves that diminishes wrinkles.” Impulses produced by this device, they claim, favors an ionic change in the muscle fibers (an accumulation of extracellular K+ potassium) which eliminates any relaxation (sag) potential, rendering the muscle fibers “inexcitable.” The promotional website has a number of paragraphs in French and lists the cost in Eurodollars, 350, so it’s safe to assume Safetox comes from somewhere in France, Quebec or Haiti. It is sold in blue with no apparent wires batteries or moving parts. It can be used in conjunction with botox, face lifts and electrolysis. Although why would one need these invasive procedures if Safetox worked?

Perhaps not the fountain of youth long rumored to be in Florida, although people have claimed for centuries that magnetic fields could improve the cellular matrix of the body securing small flat magnets placed over the seven main centers of the body opted by those with a New Age background, along with crystals and pyramid power which comprise three of the primary energies of the great OM. The only mystery here is the formula determining the appropriate intensity of the magnetic fields needed to produce a substantial effect on aging.

modele-contentThe whirling dervishes practiced dancing around for centuries and in some instances claimed that this motion could rejuvenate the body and perhaps be  a way to alter the effects of gravity not only on the appearance, but also the internal organs and subatomic particles, extending life span. However it is still unclear which direction one has to whirl or the speed and control of the spin needed to get the desired effect, otherwise one may change their vibratory signature and accidentally move into an alternate quantum reality and not even know it, or simply get very dizzy and pass out.

My Percepto rating: F
A – Used by Spock Prime in the new Star Trek film
B – A tiara worthy of the prom queen or king
C – An Artifact from Kandor, the lost city of krypton
D – Something Olivia would wear on Fringe
D – A sure way to attract the Magneto
E – A decorative refrigerator magnet tied to the forehead with string