Jump starting Star Trek For The Twenty-First Century


When Star-Trek premiered on Sept 8th, 1966, star date 1513.1 on NBC, no one knew it would trigger a chain reaction that would ripple through time, transporting several generations through endless syndication, a total of seven hundred episodes, ten movies and countless novels. Now we have phasers set on high stun as the 2009 interpretation of the franchise hits theaters the first week of May.

In recent years, the cancellation of  Enterprise, the last of the Star Trek television series after a four-year run marked a decline in the popularity of the forty year saga, a bit time-worn, partially due to the speed at which technology is moving in the real world, so much so that it’s hard to imagine anything more advanced than the transporter, Hollow Deck, or the touch tap control panels of the Enterprise 1701-D.

The new film brings J.J. Abrams to the helm of the franchise in an attempt to resuscitate the flailing saga by exploring the formative experiences of the original crew of the Federation Flagship, Enterprise 1701, filling in some of the gaps in the relationships that generated the popularity of the series that explored the final frontier. Abrams is noted for his direction of Mission Impossible 3, co-creator of Alias, Lost, and executive producer of Fringe. His icon is Stephen Spielberg and his favorite TV program of all time is The Twilight Zone. Mr. Abrams excels by exploring the inner nature of the hero and the background stories that made their journey extraordinary. There is no one better suited to present for your consideration a rein-visioned Star-Trek. Let us hope he is successful in his attempt.

My review of the film will be posted as soon as I am able to see the film.


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