The Oracle Of Ouzelum

griffin1Numerous mythologies have surrounded the tale of a strange extinct bird, the Ouzelum, a feathered Aves that flew backwards. No one knew the origin of this particular bird, a class of winged, bipedal endothermic vertebrates that laid eggs and was carnivorous by nature.

“Perhaps the reason it flew backwards was because it liked to know where it had been”, asked one of the young students.

“Assuming it had a brain large enough to think, and the ability to remember where it was going or coming from ,” added the Oracle with a wise steady voice.
“Even owls were thought to fly backwards during the middle ages, and they are pretty wise,” beamed an apprentice.

“On the other hand, moving on the wrong path is assured when not knowing where one begins, or is going, even if it leads in the right direction when left reflecting the sum total of events that occurs at the crossroad,” inflected the oracle with a glazed look in his eyes, as if absorbed in solving some great mystery reflected in the fountain of Daphne.

One scholar reported another legend passed down from one generation to the next about the Ouzelum, ” They were also able to fly in ever decreasing circles until it managed to disappear completely. ”

Does that mean it vanished into thin air?” asked the child listening with great awe and wonder.

“I believe it suggests the bird crash landed,” smiled the Oracle with a twinkle in his knowing eye.