the human generator

The Human Regenerator

Perhaps it will be known as the invention of the millennium, a fierce competition for a position in the pantheon of creations, one that rivals the claims documented in the literary classic Life From Death, My Scientific Journal by an obscure Bavarian scientist who’s very name evokes horror (1). Developed at The University For Aerospace in Bremen Germany, it’s called The Human Regenerator , “a Quantum-Pulse-Device that imitates and generates the cellular body’s natural frequencies. The machine helps regenerate unsound cells, strengthens the immune system and enhances skin structure  by making use of the theories of quantum physics. The advanced magnetic rays from the life machine recharge the cells in the body with positive energy, using high end technology as a new and original solution to eliminating anxiety and promote well being.”

the human generatorA hefty claim that costs $553,400.00, with an original design: a tube-like structure is entered by a person in need of the life energizing forces when it’s in a vertical position. Once the touch screen is activated, the machine moves horizontally, actually perpendicular to its original position before it begins the regeneration process.

This all sounds so familiar, as if it was written as part of a Star Trek episode, reminiscent of the amazing creation by the Vidiian civilization introduced in episode 14 (Faces) of Star Trek Voyager, with the federation ship lost in space, stranded in the delta quadrant for seven years until it found a stable wormhole that led directly to the alpha quadrant.

ST Voyager - FACESIn a moving character driven episode, The Genetron – a medical device – essentially extracts all the Klingon DNA from chief engineer B’lanna Torres and reconstitutes them as pure Klingon and Human, separated at the cellular level, kind of like a transporter, but not. In a sensitive and well acted study, the emotional struggles of the hybrid Human/Klingon mix is sharply explored in painful detail, as each side, now independent, confronts the other, a case where one could literally argue with oneself, an allegory for the paradoxes of personality.

the human generatorTechnically, The Human Regenerator is careful not to make any claims to cure diseases or rejuvenate aging cells, neglecting to mention exactly how it makes use of the laws of Quantum Physics to this remarkable effect. In fact, neither does the Genetron. However, an advanced degree in particle physics should not be necessary to comprehend the basic principle of how The Human Regenerator regenerates, nor is it clear if any unusual Star Trek type sounds or colors are associated with the regeneration process.

For now, The Human Regenerator is available to the public only at the Talsie Spa of Jumeirah in Dubai’s famed Burj al Arab, but soon it will be available, perhaps by internet, sold by, a website that caters to the rich with disposable money.

My Percepto rating: Oh, for the financially obscure, there will always be, masks, eye firming creams and botox!

(1) Dr. Victor Frankenstein

the human generator