Inspired Thinking In The Wrong Place

I was trapped, in an enclosed dark nondescript place as my hands reached out and felt the smooth surface,  with no way out. All reason and logic, experience was of no value when faced with the uncertainty of how to find a solution perhaps a futile attempt to discover the  crawl  space leading to an aperture of freedom.

It was impossible. I would remain captive unless I could devise some plan, execute all conceivable options and finally face the rays of the sun’s reflection upon my plight.

trapped01I thought of my training, under my mentor the renowned physicist the late Dr. Wilhem Bierken Van Dubinshlink, professor of Astrophysics at the University of Prague. “Concentrate!” he would say, “focus!, think!” , his motto spoken in German with a French accent, a reflection in mind’s eye, sensed more as an overshadowing of his knowledge, simple at its core, as it began to filter its way towards consciousness.

“Its not about using the  force, but knowing what to do with it before you  have it. That is what makes it possible to get it in the first place,” he would muse, sometimes under his breath, stroking his chalk streaked beard as he stood at the blackboard writing with both hands at the same time. Only a true genius could know how to use his mind to master the art of multi-tasking without being a Jedi Master. One filled with complete confidence that the puzzle already existed completed among all the pieces here, there, and everywhere.

Dr. Bierken Van Dublinshlink – Willy to his friends – would argue banging both fists on the desk, “Einstein was wrong, Mass, Time, Energy, Speed are nothing” as he professed,  “The Thought of the participant, caught in a space time paradox, for example, could alter the direction and the outcome, but living in the physical plane can distract all that is non physical.” His “Yah Vol”, echoing in the room in my mind as i searched for a clue from his wisdom. I had read his most popular work, “Einstein Was Wrong”, a scathing repudiation of all of noted Scientists principles.

My photographic memory was enough to focus and scan all the pages. As I did swiftly, my gaze stopped, I focused on a paragraph, Principles Associated  With Enclosed Spaces. “Vhen in a tight situation, no place to move, surrender your struggle and flow with the space. You got no choice. Whatever air is left, breath in slow, an altered state of consciousness vhere everything goes black or focus on creating un singularity, the center of the black hole to escape, perhaps transforming your atomic structure and relationships to time, mass, speed, migrating into another reality. In any event both lead to the same outcome. The only possible conclusion of anyone trapped in an enclosed space.”