rays of dharma

Dharma, Karma Or Some Unknown Source

rays of dharma

Dharma is often thought of as one’s mission, a life task picked for the soul accomplishment of enriching existence in some way or another, usually revealed by an unknown source as personal destiny. The call is to rise to the charge – a status – or vocation, all of which seems at most times unattainable, and yet confidence seems to be bestowed by some mysterious authority, the beneficent gods of lore; or perhaps it’s all just a grandiose self-delusion despite never losing hope that great things are within grasp if personal sacrifice for the greater good is placed as the top priority, a noble thought.

The thirst for encouragement and validation is always present and unquenchable, a source of self confidence and conceit. And any person who expresses uncommon knowledge may be of some help by introducing external perspective, however that can often be mistaken for cosmic wisdom. History is filled with people placed on a pedestal because they had a charismatic way of articulating a message other people felt but couldn’t put to words or art. For them, a parallel path is an illusion. They recognize that lives intersect at several points, the crossroads for each lying in a non-linear universe, attracted by some unexplained circumstance.

Sometimes dharma is revealed at a peculiar time when least expected, a prognostication that displays unusual individual precision during a time when the search for a direction seems most acute, usually for lack of finding an answer from within. Uncertainty prolongs indecision, often leading to paralysis; yet any reasonable force of authority might vaguely point to the distant horizon and declare: “Go forth and follow your destiny,” and get away with it. The instinct is to resist, especially when attempting to master an unknown dharma that will have to be figured out and attained on one’s own, if not alone. After all, it’s not for the gods to make it happen, nor do they exist to be depended upon – that’s what it means to be a co-creator.

Once the solitary nature of ‘independent’ accomplishment is understood, panic sets in and the looming question “How am I supposed to make this happen in the first place?” becomes an obsessive thought as the strong desire to crawl under the bed becomes an overwhelming yearn. It is difficult to do something that you’re not really in the mood to do or have to explain why you really don’t want to be selfless in the first place.

It’s more compelling if dharma is chosen from a process of self-discovery, perhaps an idea that strikes while crossing the street during a thunder storm, avoiding getting hit by a car while distracted deep in thought about life’s plan. Then it happens as an inspiration akin to a lightening bolt that strikes, “Oh, now I get it!” Then the next thought seeps into consciousness: “But did that come from me or some unknown source?”

Tangents In Karma